Sigma Class Station


Role: Border Support

Launch Date: 2369

Status: Active

Width: 500 metres

Height: 641 metres

Length: 500 metres

Weight: 370,024,440 metric tonnes

Crew: 250 Officers, 450 Enlisted, 6000 Evac Limit

Decks: 61

Sigma Class

Currently Active Vessels

Design History

As a successor to the Invictus class space support platforms, it retains a similar shape and profile while being noticeably larger. While nowhere near as expansive as the true Stardock stations, it's internal capacity has been increased to fit Starships of around 300 metres in length while still retaining it's engineering bays and shuttlecraft repair stations. There are a total of 4 external docking supports, two for the larger Explorer-class Ships such as the Galaxy, Nebula and Sovereign, positions on the struts below the station's main "bulb".

It has an older Class 3 warp-core and no bio-neural circuitry, instead using the older generation of ODN networking for computer access. Starfleet Command says that refit plans are in the work.

Tactical Systems

Phaser Arrays: 23, Type IX

Forward Torpedo Launchers: 10

Aft Torpedo Launchers: 10

Shields: 14 shield emitters putting out 1.21 Gigawatts

Propulsion Systems

Cruising Speed: 0

Top Speed: 0

Emergency Speed (12 hours): 0

Auxiliary Craft

  • Type 8 Shuttlecraft: 12

  • Type 9 Shuttlecraft: 10

  • Type 8 Shuttlepod: 16

  • Type 11 Shuttlecraft: 6

Deck Layout

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