Intrepid Class Vessel


Role: Strategic and Scientific Exploration

Launch Date: 2367

Status: Active

Width: 145 metres

Height: 55 metres

Length: 343 metres

Weight: 700,000 metric tonnes

Crew: 42 Officers, 126 Enlisted, 350 Evac Limit

Decks: 15

Intrepid Class

Currently Active Vessels

Design History


When first commissioned, the Intrepid-class featured many innovations then becoming available, not least being the tricyclic input manifold of the warp core and variable geometry pylons. The class was also the first to incorporate bio-neural gel packs and was equipped with the Mark 1 Emergency Medical Hologram (or EMH) system.


Capabilities upon introduction were equally impressive. The class boasted the best navigational sensors, and the highest top speed of any Starfleet vessel until the development of the Prometheus-class. Its multi-mission design was backed up by a main computer processor capable of simultaneously accessing 47 million data channels and sustaining 575 trillion calculations per nanosecond in operational temperatures from 10 to 1790 Kelvin. 

Tactical Systems

Phaser Arrays: 13, Type X

Forward Torpedo Launchers: 2

Aft Torpedo Launchers: 2

Shields: 14 shield emitters putting out 1.21 Gigawatts

Propulsion Systems

Cruising Speed: 8

Top Speed: 9.975

Emergency Speed (12 hours): 9.99

Auxiliary Craft

  • Type 8 Shuttlecraft: 2

  • Type 9 Shuttlecraft: 4

  • Type 11 Shuttlecraft: 1

Deck Layout

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